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Foto di Natale

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Foto di Natale

Messaggio Da Masher il Ven Dic 11, 2009 1:53 pm

Midland Cairn Terrier Club Championship Show (UK)
Report of Judge Geir Flyckt Pederson

I was invited to judge this show while still living in England- and have looked forward to it ever since –and now that it is all over , I will rate it amongst my most pleasant and interesting judging experiences! The number of dogs and their quality was great !

President Jack Watson and wife Shirley deserve praise for the way they looked after us and made us feel welcome. As does secretary Linda Firth and her crew. And to top it all, my steward was that pro Philip Horspool assisted by the very pleasant and efficient Mrs J. Fairweather.

And what a sporting lot the exhibitors seemed to be- and thank you for the sporting ways my placings were received. All classes were applauded, which I think is so nice for the winners- and maybe even for the judge !

I love judging terriers, observing their character, temperament and curiosity for all that is happening around them. I am very pleased to say that I did not find a single dog shy or refusing handling! One or two dogs talked to me very discreetly, but as I have owned a couple of harmless “talkers” myself over the years, I don’t think they were serious about it !? 99% showed off their ears and expression when encouraged to do so, which is of major importance in all terrier breeds.

I did feel sorry for a few dogs whose performance let them down- and who probably could have done so much better with that little bit more ring-training ! I keep saying it is fairly easy to teach any dog to walk round the ring plus down and back in a straight line, on a lose lead ! And dogs, like people, look so much better and more impressive if they are confident and know what they are doing.

And why spend money on entries and travel if you have forgotten to properly lead-break your dog ? The old saying :”You only have one chance to make a first impression” is so true and worth remembering !!!!!!!

Another observation I found interesting: A number of dogs were rather dirty , but shown by people themselves perfectly turned out.

I wonder if many people still live by the old rule –that you cannot bath a terrier, which of course is so wrong . If you have the correct coat, use the right shampoo, luke warm water, keep an eye on the coat while it is drying (never blow-dry), you will find that within a couple of days the coat is back to its normal texture! The first few times you will probably have to do some extra trimming, but you will have a dog whose coat has life and lustre, who looks better- and is more pleasant for the judges as well as yourselves to handle.

And I am stupid enough to believe that the dog feels better- and if he feels better, he looks better !....and will probably do better in the show ring .

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Re: Foto di Natale

Messaggio Da LadyDarkness il Ven Dic 11, 2009 5:38 pm

ma che belli!!!! risaa

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Re: Foto di Natale

Messaggio Da ombretta loreti il Ven Dic 11, 2009 10:51 pm

Chissà dove si trova il modello ......con Elisabetta potremmo aprire un atelier cool
ombretta loreti

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Re: Foto di Natale

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